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7 years ago our goal was to differentiate ourselves from the classic wallet market, securing credit cards and documents in a small space, and above all a system that was convenient and quick to use.
All our Moeros are equipped with Radio Frequency Identification Protection (RFID) which is the data protection technology for all contactless cards. It is shocking to see how many people have been subjected to theft, or cloning of cards, documents.
The birth of the card holder dates back to 1987, designed by an Italian inventor.
We took inspiration from its main features, improving and modernizing it with our keen eye for detail.
Our New 4.0 card holder with locking system is totally different from all other similar products on the market.
The latter are equipped with an internal brake system (felt pads or rubber pads) which do not guarantee the seal of the cards over time when stopped or subjected to stress.
Our Moero 4.0 card holder has a mechanical locking system that guarantees the retention of the cards even with strong stress.
The New Moero 4.0 Card Holder has an SOS system that allows the safe extraction of cards in case of emergency.
We are constantly updating to give our customers elegant, sporty, trendy models, using the highest quality leathers and materials. Moero today has become the best-selling comfortable, safe and practical wallet in Italy.
Steve Jobs said "customers don't know what they want until it's in front of them"