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Once you have found a product you like, click on it to access the relevant product sheet and you will view all the relevant information on the item in detail. To add it to the cart click on the "Add to cart" button. You will be automatically redirected to the first page of the cart, where you can decide whether to complete the purchase or continue shopping by looking for other items. If you decide to continue shopping, while browsing you will continue to see the 'cart' image (image of a stylized bag at the top right of the interface) with its contents, together with the total value of your shopping. After shopping, to proceed with the order, click on "Proceed to Checkout" inside the cart. If, on the other hand, you want to complete the purchase immediately, if you are a registered user, log in or register on the site if you have not yet done so. You can also complete the purchase without registering. You will be asked to choose a shipping and billing address, you will be asked to choose from the payment methods available in your country. Moero reminds you that payment is completely secure, as credit card data is protected from unauthorized access by means of encrypted data transfer SSL ('Secure Socket Layer'), not accessible to third parties. Finally, having made the appropriate checks on your transaction, the information on your order will be sent to and a thank you message will inform you that your purchase has been successfully completed.

Not at all. You can do all the tests you want and then decide not to complete your order even though you have added products to your cart.

After entering the data required for payment, you will be redirected to the purchase confirmation page, containing the order number and date. A thank you message in the center of the page will inform you that the purchase procedure has been completed correctly. Finally, you will receive an e-mail containing the details of the order you have submitted and the confirmation that it has been received correctly.

All Moero wallets are selected, checked, sanitized and shipped from Italy.

we ship to Italy with free standard GLS and TNT

European and non-European Union with Fedex and DHL

Original Moero is not sold on Amazon , unfortunately if you search for Moero wallet on amazon, you will get results of similar products but none with Moero Brand, Moero quality and Moero guarantee.

It is possible on our site to purchase with the Amazon Pay payment method where with the appropriate button you can pay with the card registered on your amazon profile and shipping data.

We have many authorized centers in Italy, to find the point of sale closest to your home go to the drop-down menu on the website click on STORE and then on STORE LOCATOR you will find all our official Moero resellers

We ship via GLS and TNT courier, free standard mode with Flex delivery service throughout the country

additional paid services only with GLS


telephone notice

saturday express12(major cities only)

Delivery within 24/48 hours nationwide

Delivery to the islands within 48/72 hours

international 1-5 business days

flex delivery included in all shipments

how it works: Through a link sent via e-mail and/or text message you can access a management area, both before and after the first failed delivery attempt, where you can choose up to six customization options.

The service provides by default the possibility of selecting a new delivery date or choosing a collection point ; but the flexibility doesn't end there because, if you want, you can allocate other delivery options to your customers: a new shipping address , a safe delivery location , authorize collection by a neighbor and refuse delivery .

Once the order has been confirmed in all its steps, it will no longer be possible to cancel it, but you can exercise the right of withdrawal within fourteen days of receipt of the package. Moero reserves the right to cancel the order if it is not possible to verify the correctness of the information regarding the shipping address and billing information. Moero also has the right to cancel an order that we consider has the purpose of resale by the buyer. In case of cancellation by Moero, you will obviously not be charged any cost.

call us on 3512472601 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00

or send an email to or

To change the model we use the EXCHANGE service costing €10.00: the courier collects the wallet to be replaced and gives you the chosen wallet

the exchange cannot take place later than 7 days from the delivery date

to access the service, contact indicating

name surname

order code

model to choose

NB any price differences will be calculated at the time of purchase

credit cardProducts

Moero Classic line contains up to 12 cards, 5/6 cards in the aluminum card holder and another 6 divided into the internal pockets.

Moero Pro line contains up to 9 cards, 5/6 cards in the aluminum card holder and another 3 in the internal pocket.

Moero Pro Dual line contains up to 18 cards, 5/6 cards for each aluminum card holder and 3 more in the internal pocket.

Moero Magsafe line holds up to 5/6 cards in the aluminum card holder.

Moero ClipCard holds up to 25 cards.

Be careful not to insert too many cards with raised numbers, the latter are valid for 1.5.

The new identity card fits both in the aluminum card holder and inside one of the two pockets.

The old identity card must be inserted without the plastic film between the two internal pockets. It is not folded at a right angle because it follows the curve of the card holder.

here the video

In the zip-free version of Moero you can insert up to 2/3 coins in one of the internal pockets.

In the Zip version of Moero you can insert up to 10 coins in the gusseted pocket with zip closure.

The Moero banknote holder in the Classic line is made of ABS and guarantees a long life of use.

The moero banknote holder in the Pro line and Plus line is made of leather

Purchasing and customizing a Moero wallet is very simple!

Video Tutorials

1) Choose the model you want,

2) click on the CUSTOMIZE button

3) upload the logo in jpeg or png format

4) place the logo where you want (2D preview

Personalization occurs through laser engraving

Black monochrome on the leather

Grayscale on the card holder

logos may be changed depending on the resolution

The Moero aluminum card holder protects against bending, breaking, demagnetization and cloning of contactless cards

The Moero card holder protects against demagnetization.

The Moero card holder protects against the cloning of Contactless cards.

Our new 4.0 card holder has the new Card Lock system placed in the corner.

Compared to similar competitor models, it does not have internal brakes which, as they wear out over time, cause the cards to fall apart. Moero has a card lock and is more secure than any similar product on the market.


The Card Holder is made of anodized aluminum, plastic and stainless steel and is waterproof. You can clean it with a soft soapy cloth and rinse it with warm water. However, the salt in sea water can damage metals, therefore it is recommended to rinse the Card Holder with fresh water in case of contact with salt water. Make sure the mechanism is dry before using the wallet again.

Leather is a "living" material, therefore any small imperfections, spots or veins represent a characteristic of the leather and guarantee the absence of covering substances of non-natural origin. To keep the original characteristics of the leather unchanged over time, we recommend that you only use specific neutral wax-based fluid products for cleaning, which do not contain solvents, petrol or alcohol. Use a small amount of product on a soft cloth, never directly on the skin and apply it delicately to the affected area with small circular movements. Do not immerse the product in water. In case of contact with water, dry quickly by dabbing with a dry cotton cloth, without rubbing. Do not expose the product to direct heat sources. Do not iron. Remember that repeated rubbing on clothes may leave traces of color on your skin.

assistantAssistance and Warranty

The Moero warranty covers breakages and accidental damage to the card holder

Does not cover damage such as torn seams or broken zippers;
It does not cover damage caused by wearing away the skin, which occurs naturally.



Although Moero products are made to rigorous quality standards and with the best quality materials, they are not indestructible. The warranty does NOT cover damage caused by mistreatment, accidents, abrasion, water, solvents, wear and tear and damage caused by carriers.

The warranty also does not cover accidental damage such as breakage or loss of contents of a wallet, loss of use or time or other similar expenses.

The warranty does not cover breakage of the zip, stitching and ABS

the guarantee does NOT apply without purchase document

all Moero card holders have identification serial numbers

contact and

in question order code and photo of the fault

our operators are at your disposal

The Card Holder is designed to hold a maximum of 6 plastic cards the size of a common credit card. If you insert more cards or cards that are larger than a standard credit card, a jam may occur. To resolve this possible complication, in 2020 we designed and patented the SOS system located at the bottom of the card holder. Insert a pin into the SOS hole and push the cards until they can be released from the card holder.

SOS videos

The Moero card holder has an anti-fall safety system. To extract the cards, press the side button.

1) for excellent performance insert from 4 to 7 smooth cards (5-6 if embossed)

2)Place your thumb on the side button

3) Do not insert cards one at a time while keeping the block open

4) Do not compulsively press the eject button without extracting a card, the block will be activated;

5) accompany the key for a prolonged ejection

for any information contact us

Contact our Customer Service ( to find an alternative solution. We are here to help you!

Refund Policy / Refund Policy

Moero recognizes the right of withdrawal as provided for by current legislation. The useful deadline is 14 days.

It will be possible to request an exchange with another product (exchange service) or a refund (shipping costs to be paid by the buyer).

To exercise the right of return, the following conditions are essential:

1: The product must not have been used or damaged and must still have its packaging intact;

2: The paper cards inside the wallet and the paper cards inside the box must be present;

3: the protective film of the card holder must NOT have been removed

4: It will in no way be possible to accept wallets that are scratched or have bumps on the aluminum card holder.

5: Customized models cannot be returned or exchanged

If the conditions are not respected, the return will not be accepted and will remain available for a new shipment to be paid by the customer.

Within 10 calendar days of delivery, the customer must send the product containing the withdrawal form on the next page.

Within 10 days of receiving the goods, Nephos srl will make the refund in the form used at the time of payment.

The refunded amount will be net of shipping costs incurred by us. The only expense that the customer will have to bear to exercise the right of withdrawal is that of sending the goods to our office.

Beyond 10 days up to a maximum of 14 days it is necessary to send a registered letter of the withdrawal form in which the tracking data of the package is indicated

N:B: it is not possible to deliver the products manually to the office as there is no physical store but an administrative office

The registered letter is necessary ONLY AFTER 10 days of delivery

If for personal reasons you cannot rely on a trusted courier you can use the FedEx TNT Express courier at a cost of €10.00.

The link is attached

We will send you the label and you can go to a DHL Point

ATTENTION In the INSTRUCTIONS TO THE SELLER (notes) enter the wording RETURN and order code

NB For any procedure chosen, insert the completed form in the sample below

if you need the form contact

Withdrawal form
Addressed to:
Nephos srl
Via Benedetto Croce 50
Casoria (Na)
Courier notes CONS BY 2pm
I/we hereby notify the withdrawal from my/our contract of sale of the following goods/
________________________________ (insert here a description of the goods/services from which
purchase intends to withdraw)
Ordered on: _______________________ (insert date)
Received on: __________(insert date)
Name of consumer(s):_____________________________________________
Order code __________________
Address of the consumer(s):_____________________________________________
Signature Date:_____________
at the following address:
Nephos srl
Via Benedetto Croce 50
post code 80026
The refund will be made with the same payment method used

to receive the form in word contact us at


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